Here is what some of the people I have worked with say about me...

Sandra de Zoysa, CX Leader of the Year 2020 award judge and CX Leader of the Year 2019

"James epitomises the desire, perseverance and passion that is required in a CX leader, one that genuinely cares about the customer. It is highly impressive the number of initiatives that he put in place at the Post Office, and to do this in a public sector organisation is even more commendable." 

Michael Hinshaw, CX Leader of the Year 2020 award judge and President at McorpCX

"I was struck by the ways James has driven key aspects of experience excellence into the Post Office - clearly defined strategies, customer listening, a cultural shift towards individual and group empowerment and a shift away from top-down, centralised control via training and education, process improvements and customer understanding, to name a few!" 

Ian Golding, CX Leader of the Year Head judge and Global Customer Experience Specialist

"What James has achieved in an organisation such as the Post Office is worthy of recognition. Complex and widely dispersed geographically, aligning a business like this behind a customer centric message is no mean feat – and the metrics speak for themselves. James makes a very worthy winner of CX Leader of the Year." 

Chris Sawkins, Senior Sector Director, SAP Qualtrics

James is a really great guy to work with, his positivity and outlook on everything we have worked together on has been refreshing. James has done an excellent job of rolling out a best in class Customer Experience programme for Post Office, and everyone I have introduced James to from Qualtrics has been very impressed. James is highly skilled in public speaking and I look forward to seeing him up on stage as a key note speaker at our global X4 event.

Bruce Temkin CCXP, Customer Experience Visioary, Founder of CXPA, Head of Qualtrics XM Institute

I've had the pleasure to get to know James and his excellent work at the Post Office. He's done a great job of combining CX best practices with a deep understanding of how the organization actually operates. The Post Office has a unique environment; it's an extremely large organization that's pretty much a collection of small business owners (Postmasters are actually owners of their stores). One of the hallmarks of a great CX leader is the ability to apply best practices in situationally appropriate ways.

Jesus De Sousa, Area Manager at Post Office Ltd

It’s rare that you come across an outstanding talent like James

I had the pleasure of working with James for the last four year at Post Office , as a Head Of Customer experience James is the dream person to work with. 

I was particularly impressed by James’s ability to put customers first at everything he do even in the toughest situations —effortlessly. Creating Strategy to delivered Customer service is a skill it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him.

As a customer experience manager and as a great leader , James earns my highest recommendation.

Nicole Huyghe, Managing Director at

James was keynote speaker at an event we (boobook) organised at the Belgian Embassy in London (Oct2016). The event was about Data Driven Innovation and Strategy Development. James gave an extremely good talk. It was very clear that James has a wealth of experience in driving innovation. He is also an excellent and inspiring presenter. The audience was captivated by his talk from beginning to end.

Kurtis Williams, Chief Product Officer at

James is one of the best board members that I’ve worked with. He was extremely active as a board member, which immediately set him apart. In addition he gave very useful and actionable feedback. He was forthright, candid, and direct while being collaborative and easy to work with. I can enthusiastically recommend James as a board member without reservation.

Simon Childs, Search Practice Principal

James is an expert in the development and implementation of customer acquisition and retention strategies. He combines a highly developed knowledge of retail operations with a strong business acumen. James possesses the unique ability to “troubleshoot” and transform under performing business areas through the delivery of innovative propositions that accelerate customer acquisition, growth and retention.

Jon Snow, Chairman at Directors’ Club

James presented a session as part of the Directors’ Club Autumn Webinar Festival showcasing the Champions & Innovators Of Customer Experience. James spoke with authority and is a very engaging presenter. James is now a member of our Faculty and will be invited to share knowledge and know-how at future events.

Clive Taylor, Director,

James has an in depth understanding of how new digital channels can deliver opportunities for Post Office, both customer facing and for employee engagement. James has provided us with advice and helped manage the working relationship between the companies business analysts and internal clients launching a number of new initiatives to help Post Office broadens it’s digital offering to the postmaster community.

A clear thinker and can do attitude makes working with James refreshingly different, equally he’s not afraid to challenge proposals, ensuring that whatever is being designed/produced is fit for business today and for the future.

Steve Forrest, UK Managing Director, Brickstream Corporation

In all my years of working with various people/roles on enterprise projects, James stands out as one of those exceptional people. James is very professional in his approach to everything, very clear in defining expectations/next steps and follows up on all actions he agrees to manage. I have no reservations or concerns when it comes to recommending James

Steve Gibbs, Director at SG EP Services

James gets the job done and understands the customer requirements. his work is always to a high standard and he anticipates demand and generates bespoke solutions.